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    DragonBall Z MUGEN AF Episode 2 - The Unstoppable Goku (SSJ4)


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    DragonBall Z MUGEN AF Episode 2 - The Unstoppable Goku (SSJ4)

    Post by FlashFinalVegeta on Wed May 08, 2013 12:01 pm

    Storyline - Goku Has Finally Reached The Power He wanted but he knows theres more power then
    just being a super saiyan 4 maby theres a super saiyan 5? His Friends have already tryed stopping him from destroying the earth or anyone in his way... But his friends wasnt to much of help. But! while goku has this amazing power a old friend comes to try and talk some sense into him! trunks comes along and trys to help in any way he can but talking isnt what evil goku wants. Evil goku wants to fight and become the most powerful saiyan and fighter there ever was goku is a great fighter but evil power is inside goku so its messing up his brain making him think he has to become the most powerful and gain more power then ever!

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